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Taking Great Drone Videos

Drone VideosDrones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). As the name suggests they are unmanned aircraft, but remotely controlled. Drone technology has become more and more popular lately, though drones were already used in the military during World War Two. There is so much possibility about its usage now.

The most widely and popular use of a drone is for aerial photography and video filming, such as the SkyCam HD Video. In this way video can be captured from almost everywhere, that is otherwise not possible to be captured by human videographers.

Drones are normally small and therefore very easy to maneuver and they are able to tolerate unpleasant environments. Therefore videos can be produced in so many ways and angles, impossible by normal filming. A classic example is the ability to do video production as a first-person view (FPV).

In the market, there are drones of various sizes and designs. There is design with fixed-wing as well as rotor-based. The first has the advantage on altitude and endurance, but the latter is easier to maneuver, which are often chosen to use in military operations.

The cost of drones can vary from less than $100 to as high as $50,000 for high-end camera design.
Latest technology such as an onboard computer, object and face recognition, as well as other tracking technologies are incorporated into drones. With the advent of IOT and AI technology, drones have increased their presence in the environment. Drones with AI, for example, are able to adapt to change of environment and perform various tasks. Today you don’t need to attach a huge camera to a vehicle to film the driving scene, it all can be done using the following drone with video.

Drones videography has taken the task of so many surveillance and intelligence against enemy targets in war as well as spying on competitors in business. It is also used by many to replace helicopter photography and videography which would have cost so much more.

By law, most drones are permitted to be operated without any permit because most drones are less than 35kg in weight. However, for drones heavier than that, you’ll need to get a certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Drone video is regulated by privacy rights and it differs from state to state in the United States. So it’s important to observe the ban on the use of a drone to produce photos and videos on private properties.

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